You are visiting the homepage of SCOPE Organization Development and Consultancy Ltd. My name is Katalin Tar, I am the Training Manager of the company. If you have any question contact us via ‘Contact’ or ‘Offer Request’. If you are just gathering information, feel free to wonder around, hopefully you will find what you are looking for!

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Katalin Tar

Quality Insurance, Registered Training Organisation

Our company was registered by the Adult Education Accreditation Body, registration number is AL-2638. We have several programs accredited by the by the same institute:

„Result Focused Management Techniques” training program, PLK-257,

„Personal and Job Efficiency Enhancing Training for Managers”, PLK-257,

“Personal and Job Efficiency Enhancing Training for Public Servants”, PLK-261.

Due to our quality insurance system any of our consultants will deliver the service, high quality is insured.